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Have you Kerbed your alloys?

Whether your wheels have major kerb damage, scuffed, or even corroded, AHC can fully restore your wheels to look as good as the day they left the factory.

At AHC Autos, we refurbish all types of alloys using only the highest quality materials and all our work is fully guaranteed.

The paint we use for painting alloys is the same paint used by premium car manufacturers on their cars, so you won't have any problems with the paint peeling or flaking after a few months.

Any metal parts that come on the wheels, we can also re-polish and restore to their original condition.

With wet painting, we can do custom colour changes, so you can decide on any colour you like. 

On all-wheel repairs we give a full guarantee on work we have completed.

Here is a video of one of our latest refurbs and colour change:

Below is some images of some wheel refurbs we have completed recently:

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